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    Our grounding in physical education makes READ AfterSchool unique. READ AfterSchool was founded by Royce Brown,  an elementary school physical education teacher who knows how important physical activity is to a healthy lifestyle and to academic success. Studies demonstrate children who are physically active make better nutritional choices, have greater focus, perform better academically, and have fewer behavioral issues.  

    An emphasis is placed on safety, with low student-to-staff ratios and best practices in outdoor “classroom” management.  In addition, students participate in structured activities that are tied to state physical education standards.   

    On any given day, you’ll find READ AfterSchool students running in the field, throwing a football, shooting hoops under the covered court, climbing on the playground equipment, playing soccer, challenging each other to a game of 4Square, or climbing the challenge rope. Many of these activities look like play, but really are teaching students mastery in skills assessed by the state of Florida.  

    How are recreational activities tied to physical education learning standards? For example,  in a holiday-themed game called Ghost Ball, students learn the skills of an overhand throw, aiming to improve both distance and accuracy.  READ AfterSchool students learn and know the skill cues to perform a correct overhand throw:


    • Opposite side to target
    • Arm in an L-shape
    • Rotate trunk
    • Step toward target with opposite foot and follow through
    • Keep eyes on target at all times
  • Energized and hungry, READ AfterSchool students then transition to snack time.

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