Why READ AfterSchool?

  • The Choice for Families

    READ AfterSchool’s well-rounded approach to afterschool care makes us the program of choice for Tampa families. We are fully licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (Lic. No. S TA 433182), and all of our employees undergo extensive background screening.
    Top reasons we hear for choosing us are:
  • Homework Time

    Homework time at READ AfterSchool helps you enjoy family time at home.

  • Safety

    Quality supervision by experienced teachers and educators.

  • Quality Supervision

    Quality supervision by experienced teachers and educators.

  • Convenience

    Convenient location.

  • Affordability

    Affordable prices.

  • Fun

    It’s where kids ask to go!

  • Testimonials

    Read on to see what families have to say:
    • My kids have attended READ after-care since 2013. We love the fact that they get their homework done and have plenty of outside play time by the time I pick them up after work. The counselors and supervisors are great and my kids have so much fun that they very often ask to stay longer “so that they can play more” when I arrive for pick up.

      Parent of 2nd and 4th grade students
    • READ has been a great experience for our son. He enjoys the extra outside time and playing with his friends. Homework always gets done and it’s nice knowing that Ballast Point teachers are there for assistance. We are thankful that this kind of after care program is offered at Ballast Point Elementary!

      Parent of 1st grade student
    • My daughter begged me chose READ as her aftercare because her friends were there. As it turns out- she was right. She receives hands-on assistance with her homework while also having an opportunity to enjoy her friends outside of the confines of the classroom. Through READ, she has made friends of all ages, which also helps her feel more secure and confident at school. The counselors are also caring and enjoy what they do. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a reliable, safe, and fun aftercare program.

      Parent of 2nd grade student
    • READ has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. It’s great to have her go straight from class to her after care without having to get on a bus or van and know she will be safe and having fun with her classmates. The READ staff helps her complete her homework so she can focus on eating dinner and getting ready for bed when she gets home. That’s when we can drag her away from READ. She usually wants to stay there until the very end of the day.

      Parent of 4th grade student
    • Thank you so much for adding additional teachers to your team. We greatly appreciate the focus you place on homework and all the enhancements you continue to add to the program.

      Nicole and Cory
      Parents of 1st grade student
    • Best. Aftercare. Program. Period. 🙂

      Parent of kindergarten and 2nd grade students
  • The Choice for Schools

    READ AfterSchool works with the administration and teachers to customize a program suited for your school.
    • Student Achievement

      Focus on homework completion and academically enriching activities boosts student achievement.

    • Quality Supervision

      Read AfterSchool instructors include teachers, former teachers, education majors, and professionals with education and childcare experience.

    • Collaboration

      Read AfterSchool develops site processes with input from school administrators, teachers, and staff. We work with you on site logistics, communicating homework progress, and reinforcing standards taught in physical education. We will customize our processes to meet your school’s needs.

    • Administrative

      READ AfterSchool handles all enrollment, billing, and administrative processes related to afterschool care.

    • Financial

      Schools receive a stream of rental revenue which can be used to support technology, extended learning programs, or other school needs.

  • Interested in bringing READ AfterSchool to your school?
    Contact Royce Brown at 813-335-2077 or by email at royce@readafterschool.com